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January 2019

At Deluxe Rental Cars, in October, drive in a Porsche 911 (991) Carrera 4 Cabriolet from 390.- (150 km included)

To become reality, big dreams, like visionary ideas, require perseverance. And victories are not won alone. They often involve a struggle, whether against resistance, against conventions, or against the immobility of the ambient thought.

It does not matter what or what we are fighting for. Without passion, biting, or stubbornness, we will not get anything. Porsche Ferry has given everything to design the sports car of his dreams. His dream came true not because he hesitated, waited or was lucky but because he outdid himself.

Every Porsche built since 1948 carries this state of mind. He finds himself in each of his plays, in each of our victories. To tell the truth, in each of our ideas. Our engineers are indeed never satisfied with 100%, they can only fight for this little improvement decisive Ferry Porsche which they still miss. They are fighting for this second which decides the victory. Their will does honor to the DNA of the brand and revives each time a little more our fascination for sport models.

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Deluxe Rental Cars, luxury, sports & prestige rental agency based in Lausanne and active throughout Switzerland, goes out of their way to offer you offers that allow you to benefit from promotions on your next rental car. Find great car rental deals, exclusive promotions and promotional rates right here. Each month, new offers breathtaking.

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In order to make the driving experience of such prestigious cars perfect, we are committed to providing you with impeccable service and top quality. Our vehicles are particularly catered for to welcome you and to avoid unnecessary travel, whether it is an airport, a train station, a car park or a private address, pickup and delivery locations of the vehicle are your choice.



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